Transamerica Announcement Effective Immediately

We are withdrawing two of our TransACE products for new sales, effective immediately. The following products are no longer available for sale in any jurisdictions.

  • TransACE 

  • TransACE Survivor® 

In addition to withdrawing these products for new sales, we have also stopped processing applications in underwriting and new business. We will be sending letters to affected applicants (and any premium refunds), with copies to General Agencies. Policies that are already out for delivery are not impacted. However, there will be no extensions of delivery periods.

We have also stopped processing applications that involve 1035 exchanges unless the request for funds has been sent to the existing carrier. The normal Real Time Pricing guidelines will apply to these cases while we are acquiring the 1035 funds from the existing carrier. We will issue the policy and apply the 1035 funds when they are received.

We understand what this decision means for general agents, producers and customers. We believe in the value of UL products but the current TransACE design is no longer sustainable in this economic environment. We are reviewing our UL product offerings and will seek consumer input as we develop a new design.

If you have questions, please contact your Transamerica sales representative.”


Mutual of Omaha Term Rate Changes

Mutual of Omaha has made changes to there term rates. Lower TERM rates for your clients.           

  • Age LAST birthday
  • Ages 40-60
  • Face amounts $250k, $500k, $1m
  • Preferred Plus, Preferred and Standard NT
  • E-Applications available
  • 10, 20 and 30 year terms available

Run quotes today for your clients. 

Transamerica Trendsetter Express discontinued

Effective Febuary 14, 2015, Trendesetter Express will no longer be available for sale.

Applications for the Express product must be signed, dated and received in good order by Transamerica by close of business on or before Febuary 13, 2015.

Trendsetter LB is a great alternative and should be reviewed.  It also offers a non med option up to $249,999.


Genguard UL No longer being offered

Effective January 16th , 2015, Genworth Financial will no longer offer Genguard UL as part of their prodcut portfolio.

1-16-15 - Last day to submite Genguard UL by LQR.

2-13-15- Last day to accept paper applications

Any questions, please contact your marketing representative.


ANICO Insurance Company

Best Agency is now accepting applications for ANICO.

You can quote ANICO online and download their application today.

If you have any questions, please call your marketing representative today.

VOYA Applications

If you have any VOYA applications, before submitting please contact Luis at 561-241-4500.

Effective January 12, 2015, Best Agency will no longer accept VOYA applicatons.

Please direct all questions to Luis.

Banner Life LOWERS Term Rates Again

Effective October 6th, 2014, Banner Life announces lower term rates for most ages.

Please click here for more information.

You can quote Banner today on our quote engine.

American General Sales Contest

American General announces a sales contest for living benefit riders available on our life insurance policies:

• Lifestyle Income SolutionSM (LIS)— longevity rider (available on AG Secure Lifetime GUL® II policies via

the AG Asset ProtectorSM bundle)

• Accelerated Access Solution® (AAS)—chronic illness rider (available on Elite Index II® and with or without the LIS on AG Secure Lifetime GUL II policies)

These riders provide a unique package that allows clients access to death benefits while they are living.

CONTEST PERIOD: August 1, 2014 – January 31, 2015

Click HERE for Contest Rules

Gerber Life Grow Up Plan Changes

Important Changes to the Grow-Up Plan


Product Changes Effective August 21, 2014 Include:

• New Payment Protection Option (PPO) Rider

• Monthly ACH Discount increases from 8% to 10%

• Premium Increase


Transition Rules:

• Existing paper applications with a 07/13 revision date (09/13 in New York) on the bottom right hand corner will be accepted until November 19, 2014.

• The Gerber Life Agent Portal will only have the new product, the PPO rider and rates for both available as of August 21, 2014. Agents will be allowed to submit the old paper application using the old rates until November 19, 2014.

• The New PPO rider will only be accepted with the new application with a revision date of 06/14 on the bottom right hand corner.

• Agents will not be able to add the PPO rider to an existing policy.


Click here for more details

Protective Life Rate Changes Effective August 18, 2014

Effective August 18, 2014, Protective Life will lower rates for initial level benefit periods of 10-30 years at face amounts of $500,000 and up. Our latest rate changes competitively position Protective Custom Choice UL to help you offer greater value at higher face amounts.

*Changes apply to Select Preferred, Preferred and Non-tobacco classes only.

We will automatically apply any decrease in rates on policies issued for Protective Custom Choice UL (10-30) beginning August 18, 2014. The following transition rules will apply for paper applications and electronic submissions. 

Transition Rules

>    The new Protective Custom Choice UL (10-30) rates will be available on August 18, 2014,
      for quoting, submitting applications and issuing policies in all states that are currently
      approved for the product.

>    Submissions via TeleLife or direct writers on or before August 18, 2014, and applications
      received no later than September 19, 2014, will receive the lowest rates available for
      Protective Custom Choice UL (10-30). Applications received after September 19, 2014,
      (regardless of signed date) will be processed with the new Protective Custom Choice UL
      (10-30) rates.
>    Paper Applications will be eligible for old rates, provided they are signed on or before
      August 18, 2014, and received no later than September 1, 2014. To ensure the customer receives
      the best rate possible, the lowest rates available will be automatically applied. Applications
      signed after August 18, 2014, and applications received after September 1, 2014,
      (regardless of signed date) will be processed with the new Protective Custom Choice UL
      (10-30) rates.

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