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Our carriers offer a full suite of Fixed, Fixed Indexed, and Structured annuity products. Your case manager will help you navigate the complex annuity marketplace to find and present the right product for your client. Best Agency is committed to agnostic carrier and product recommendations.

Best Agency has cultivated relationships with leading annuity carriers to offer Fixed, Fixed Indexed, and Structured annuities.  Working only with firms who meet our high standards in regards to financial ratings and robust product offerings, we leverage our expertise in fiduciary markets so that you can provide your clients with solutions that match their needs.

Structured annuities can provide your clients with opportunities to grow their money and offer a level of protection that may help eliminate some of the risk that comes with investing.

Only agents licensed with Best Agency may access our advisor annuity tools. To request access to rates and tools, or for questions, please contact us


    1. A structured annuity offers exposure to equity markets, providing clients the growth potential they need to reach their financial goals.
    2. For each indexed account selected, the performance of an underlying index will determine how much you can earn – either up to a cap or subject to a fee.
    3. Each indexed account includes a level of protection that can help eliminate some of the risk associated with investing.